About Malaga

There is a before and after the arrival of a global health crisis like the one occurring in 2020, in the way we understand our vital priorities and therefore in the way we now see our homes. After spending months on end without setting foot outside due to a more or less extensive confinement depending on the country in which you reside, having a house with a garden where you can enjoy time outside or with a terrace overlooking the sea is a luxury we should not forego.

Perhaps at first the restrictions when it comes to moving were greater, but now the trend points to social distancing, to the meetings of small groups of friends or family, to isolation. With this overview, there may be two options: lock yourself in a small dark apartment in the centre of a bustling European city or enjoy time at home in a luxurious property on the real estate market on the Costa del Sol.

Why this is the best time to invest in the real estate market on the Costa del Sol


If we go back several months, at the beginning of 2020, the real estate market on the Costa del Sol displayed excellent prospects, with houses reaching record prices. Everything pointed to the fact that buying a house in Malaga would be within the reached of the privileged few. However, in March 2020, confinement was imposed and mobility was restricted to the maximum, and this froze those forecasts, which would soon make the market wonder: Is now the best time to acquire a property?

Never before had so much time been spent at home. Never had every meter in the house been so appreciated. Every minute of sun that could be enjoyed has never been so longed for. And, in many cases, never had owing a terrace, or a balcony, onto which you can go out every day been so sorely missed. What seemed temporary soon became long-term.

Faced with this reality, many began to think about looking for a place to live that offered everything that was not available at home: spacious homes, large terraces and more hours of sunshine in houses located in green areas and near the sea. … The Costa del Sol was unveiled as the perfect destination to overcome the crisis generated by the virus worldwide.

Spanish nationals were the first to realise that the Costa del Sol was the perfect destination in which to spend a confinement; Furthermore, with the new prospects for the real estate market, it was a good time to take advantage of good prices; And European citizens who already know the south of Spain also began to think that if they were forced to stay at home, why couldn’t this be a spacious home on the Costa del Sol?

On the other hand, confinement has meant an increase in teleworking and, therefore, the possibility of being able from the comfort of home, a home that can be located anywhere in the world, even in a sunny one and with temperatures as pleasant as those offered by the Costa del Sol. Of course, the idea of having a spacious home office or even being able to work on the terrace, enjoying the view of the Mediterranean could not be more attractive. An added advantage is the excellent connectivity offered by Spanish cities such as Malaga or Marbella.

All this without giving up the most beloved furniture, since it is also very easy to move them to the south of Spain by road from any point of the European territory.

COVID-19 brought changes that seemed to doom the real estate market on the Costa del Sol; however, time has shown that changes need not always be bad. In fact, the new outlook offers many possibilities for the new generation of homeowners, with figures that are already on the rise in the real estate market of the Costa del Sol and with first-rate prospects for the future. Therefore, it is a good time both for those looking for the type of property that has proven to be the best place to live in 2020, and for investors looking for business opportunities, since the Costa del Sol is one of the destinations most popular for citizens across the EU.