About Malaga

Everyone knows that the city of Malaga is one of the tourist destinations par excellence for both nationals and foreigners. The capital of the Costa del Sol brings together not only all the urban tourist attractions that one could ask for: beach, culture, gastronomy, theatres and museums, and a sizeable etcetera; rather this city is the best place to live.

And it is that Malaga is considered among the 10 cities in Europe that have the highest quality of living standards, for the following reasons, amongst others:

A privileged climate

If southern Spain enjoys sunny weather most of the year, given its location on the shores of the Mediterranean, Malaga can boast an almost constant spring-like temperature throughout the year, overtaking other Andalusian cities whose temperatures are extreme, particularly with regard to excessive summer heat.

The friendliness and hospitality of its people

The character of the people from Malaga is open and cheerful, always open to a conversation with self-confidence and the familiarity of their relations, so helpful that they make everyone who arrives feel instantly at home.

Affordable prices

Although hitherto the Costa del Sol has been considered a golf and luxury destination, this is usually concentrated in the environs of Marbella. As a city, Malaga capital presents the most competitive prices in terms of gastronomy, transport and leisure offer and furthermore, the capital also has nearby golf courses.

Streets brimming with life

It is part of the Andalusian and Malaga idiosyncrasies to live life in the streets; the clement weather and the character of its inhabitants  mean there is always a reason for party and celebration in its streets.

Quiet life without slumping into boredom

Paradoxically, those who want to can find the tranquility of its villages in the center of Malaga, corners where life seems to stop and be oblivious to the hustle and bustle of a big city.

With all the benefits and advantages of a major metropolis

If the city of Malaga is famous for something, it is for its outstanding cultural and leisure life: many cinemas, museums (some of great renown, such as the Picasso Museum, the Thyssen or the Pompidou centres and so on until their numbers exceed thirty), concert theatres, galleries and urban art exhibitions and restaurants, shows and shops of all kinds, which can be accessed with great ease thanks to its remarkable public transport network, its first-rate highway network and its airport and port that provide entry to millions of foreign tourists each season. ´

Special mention should be made of the performing arts of Malaga, highlighting theatres such as the Cervantes or the Soho Theatre, which hosted the last Goya awards gala and which is managed by Antonio Banderas, the most international Spanish actor of all time, who is also from Malaga!

Surf and turf

Its beaches bathed by the Mediterranean are one of its main attractions, though it also boasts mountain tourism, with its infinity of hiking routes, some as famous as the Caminito del Rey and its stunning white villages combine the best of sun and beach tourism with the charm of idyllic rural settings within a few kilometres.

 Melting pot

Since time immemorial, numerous civilisations and migratory and population movements have been welcomed in Malaga, which has demonstrated its tolerance to the point of establishing itself as the European capital of homosexuality.

And if that were not enough, the city itself is beautiful

It is undeniable how beautiful the Alcazaba of Malaga is, a stroll in front of the Roman Theatre or down the Paseo del Parque, or contemplate the sunset in front of the sea from the vantage point of its promenade or the Malagueta beach. All of the foregoing without mentioning the picturesque towns that comprise the entire province of Malaga.

For all these reasons, there is no doubt that, if Andalusia is the highlight of Spain, and the Costa del Sol is the most privileged enclave, the city of Malaga is the true jewel of the Mediterranean, since it is not only the top holiday destination, but the best home to live all year round.